I created a Photogrammetry 3d Scan of an Arnold Schwarzenegger lifecast from the movie “Predator” to act as a reference for this project using Agisoft Photoscan. Though my initial sculpt of Arnold is based around his earlier body building days during the 70's, I plan to create multiple body sculpts of him throughout his career to demonstrate a progression of age from the 70's to present day.

Early Progress of the body for Arnold. I work symmetrically for as long as possible before creating the final asymmetrical sculpt on a separate layer in zbrush. This will allow me to create a symmetrical retopology that can be easily UV unwrapped and then re-wrapped to the asymmetrical final sculpt using Wrap 3.

More shots of the Arnold Body sculpt.

Some closer upper body screenshots of Arnold.

Anthony Hopkins likeness sculpt progress. Based on his appearance as Dr. Ford in HBO’s “Westworld.”